Top 3 Not So Well Known Rooftop Terraces In London

Nothing makes you feel on top of the world like literally being above everyone in the city. Rooftops are the perfect place to go out drinking with friends, impress a date, or think to yourself while you take in the view. I dare you to find a city more beautiful from above than London. Fortunately, the building managers of the city feel this way as well and have provided several spots to help you live your London life to the fullest. Here are a few of my favourites.

The Lock Tavern

The Lock Tavern is a beautiful human venue inside and out. It’s a garden, roof terrace, bar, and kitchen all in one. The menu is traditional bar food such as fish & chips and burgers, they also have roasts available all Sunday. The inside has a diverse group of cosy aesthetics. I like a bard with a lot of different seating areas, that way I can pick my spot based on the mood.

The Lock Tavern really shines when you get upstairs and outside. The view overlooks the Stables, but you might be too busy looking at the garden around you. The plants provide great scenery and plenty of oxygen for you to sit and relax. If you want something a little more exotic, check next door at Boteco for a Brazilian rooftop experience.

Check out their menu and more pictures here:

Bussey Rooftop Bar

Whenever you’re out and about in the South, try and get to Bussey’s. It only just opened but it already has quite the reputation. The bar is one of the most exciting additions to Peckham’s night life crowd in a long time. People afraid of heights be wary, this is literally the highest rooftop bar in London. It offers 360 degree views of all of London. The food is exquisite and curated by Richard Sandiford of Hawksmoor fame. The actual setting is rustic and has a desert flair. Get there early to watch the sunset and then drink the night away.

Click here to see more:

Alfies Antiques

I found this place by accident one day in West London and was blown away. It’s an enticing building. I went in to browse the antiques, only later would I discover it has a beautiful quaint rooftop cafe. If you live in West London, this could easily be your go to spot. It has a vintage bohemian atmosphere and the employees are genuine and sweet. The food is simple and reasonably priced and consist of pastries and daily specials. This is the ideal spot for people who just want to get away and take in vintage serenity. The first time I went I got a spot of tea which bled into a couple glasses of wine until closing time. I highly recommend this experience.

See their page here:

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