Chelsea in Bloom: When West London Transforms into Flower Paradise

From time to time, I have tried my best at gardening. I don’t really have the yard for it, but I crave the Zen-like qualities of putting hands in soil. I want the beauty of flowers to fill my flat, and I want to save a little here and there on fruits and vegetables. Any giving summer you can find me hunched over my kitchen tables reading up on soil and trying to recreate the perfect light. Soon, I will be back there again because the Royal Horticultural Society is having their annual flower show May 22nd-26th.

Every year I got to this thing I cannot help but be inspired. These gardeners are absolute masters of the craft. World-renowned florists and garden designers take over one of London’s most beautiful neighbourhoods to embarrass the rest of us commoners with their drop dead gorgeous displays. Personally, I wish that the show could just go June to August and I could set up a tent and write from there.

The event acts as amazing gardening ambassador to the city of London. This year they have several events and stops that are sure get you inspired to garden as much as me. You can learn all the benefits of a stress free gardening life at the RHS Feel Good Garden set-up. You can learn how to incorporate gardening into the masonry-laden streets of London at the Urban Flow set-up. You can also learn a thing or two about indoor gardening (spot me there) at the Space to Grow exhibition. The Great Pavilion and Main Avenue are also horticultural hotspots for the beauty seekers. Or, if flowers aren’t your thing, take in the live music and good drink provided around the event.

If you want to scale back the prestige, but still want to get out of the house, making your way to Chelsea May 21st-26th will be just as good. In extension to the flower show, Chelsea is putting on it’s 13th annual Chelsea in Bloom festival. This year the theme is summer of love. This is an annual floral display competition that all of Chelsea gets in on. Citizens, organisations, retailers, restaurants – everyone! – comes out to bask in the sweet streets of the event.  At the end of the event, a panel of expert judges and YOU will vote on the best floral displays offered.

Specific events and happenings have not yet been listed for the event, but you can head to the Chelsea in Bloom website to see past winners if you want to build a little anticipation:

Tickets for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show are £35 to £100, but Chelsea in Bloom is a free event. Check out more information about the show here:

I hope to see you there!

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