My Weekend Trip to Cambridge

As a London blogger, everyone stared at me with surprise, bewilderment, and sometimes, distrust whenever I told them I had never been to Cambridge. I read memoirs and reviews online and I knew I was missing out. After a lot of deliberation, I made the decision of embarking on a journey to visit Cambridge.


I scheduled my trip so that I arrived on Friday. According to the information I gathered, the weekend is unarguably the best time to visit. The city welcomed me with a view of its stunning old architecture as I walked towards its centre. It took just an hour from the Kings Cross Station in London to arrive there.

I was so excited to see the King’s College Chapel, the Fitzwilliam Museum, and the riverside with my own eyes. Adjectives failed me at this point. It is beyond stunning! I couldn’t but notice the friendliness in the air as I navigated to my accommodation. Surprisingly, for my first time there, I felt so much at home. Did I mention that I also had tons of Instagram-worthy pictures? Check out my Instagram to see some of them!

Staying in Cambridge University

For outsiders, when you mention Cambridge, all they think about is one highly ranked university in the midst of a small town. Wrong. In fact, the colleges are all spread across the city so most of the residents have no choice but to go around on bikes.

I was privileged to stay in a University Room. How? Students of Cambridge University make arrangements with visitors, renting out their rooms. They provide several options to choose from, a variety of en-suites, single rooms, etc.

On Saturday, I visited some of the colleges. Most of the 31 colleges are open to visitors, although the time varies considerably. Visiting Trinity College– home to Sir Isaac Newton; the Wren Library, and finally entering the King’s College Chapel made me feel like I went back in time to a wonderful academic surrounding.

Punting on the River Cam

Eighteen pounds is a very fair price to pay for the boat ride of a lifetime. After walking and biking around the university, I decided to take a relaxing boat ride. You can also hire a tour guide for an extra amount. The scenic view of the Bridge of Sighs and the Mathematical Bridge -an architectural wonder- is simply breathtaking.

The Food. Oh, God!

The saying about simplicity being the best thing ever is particularly true with the meals I had there. Cambridge’s oldest restaurant, Varsity, had some of the finest cuisines. As I stopped by the legendary Fitzbillies to grab a snack, I could not help but notice the plethora of food trucks and street stalls. I wrapped up my visit to Cambridge at the Eagle, one of the oldest inns in the town.

Leaving this historic town was really hard. The culture, the food, the architectural enchantment, and the warm ambience were all difficult to leave behind. Without a doubt, my decision to visit Cambridge was one of the best I had taken in a long time. The university, the river, and the rich history… I highly recommend that you visit Cambridge!

4 thoughts on “My Weekend Trip to Cambridge

    1. Hello Lily, thank you for your comment! It was an amazing trip indeed! I definitely recommend visiting Cambridge if you can, Cambridge and Oxford are two of the most beautiful towns I have visited in England (along with Brighton, which has a totally different vibe as it is by the sea).


    1. Hello Sensibledove, thank you for your comment! Europe has some amazing capitals but it is in the smaller cities and towns where you can see how live really is in these countries. Plus you get to discover a lot of hidden gems that are not on travel guides!

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