Discover the best views of London!

Attracting over 15 million visitors every year, London is amongst the top tourist destinations but trying to see all England’s capital has to offer might prove to be a challenge. I’ve gathered some of the ‘must-see’ views in London – make sure you tick them off your list next time you visit!

The Sky Garden

What better way to enjoy London than from a bird’s eye perspective? Located in the very heart of the City on Fenchurch Street, the Sky Garden is a must-see if you’d like to experience London in a one-of-a-kind way. The public garden is open to visitors from all over the world and entry is completely free of charge, just make sure you book your 90-minute slot at least three days in advance!

The Sky Garden features three storeys of finely landscaped gardens, packed with luscious South African and Mediterranean greenery. Make your way to one of the observation desks and hold your breath while exploring London from a bird’s eye perspective from the open-air terrace. And if the views whet your appetite, make sure to check out the two restaurants and Sky Garden’s bar.

The Shard

Standing 244 metres from the ground, the Shard provides great views of London and so much more – offices, homes and hotels, as well as numerous world-renowned restaurants and bars. In 2012, it transformed London’s skyline with its quaint though striking silhouette and ever since that, visitors have swarmed the place to enjoy the alluring viewing platform.

The highest point the public is allowed access to are floors 69-72 but this is more than enough to spot the most breathtaking 360° views London has to offer. The Shard also hosts a weekly silent disco every Saturday night, and other fun events like Sky-High Yoga and various film screenings. It’s also open every day so don’t worry about booking in advance!

Make sure to take your time exploring the Shard as the exciting journey begins the moment you set foot into the lift. The screens on the ceilings flash interesting facts and mesmerising images as you work your way upwards to floor 69, where – on a good day – you can enjoy a view of the city’s skyline stretching as far as 40 miles away.

There are many more buildings in London that offer great views of the city, and so do some parks! The views from Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath are this London blogger‘s favourites, look out for a new blog post about them!


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