Exploring The Magical Museums of London

London is all about heritage. It’s a really old city that has been evolving for centuries. Thanks to its age and the good preservation we can now admire buildings, streets and landmarks that were built ages ago and which give London a mystic flare. Even though currently London hosts very modern skyscrapers the most ancient history (not only from London but from all over the world) can be found in the London Museums. There are plenty and – best of all – most of them are free! It’s a great idea to visit them on a rainy day. Here’s a short list of my favourites!

The most famous museums in London

British Museum– The British Museum is one of the most visited, most acclaimed museums in the city, which is free to visit. It was made in 1759, a time when there were no other national museums in most countries of the world, this is why it is one of the most celebrated museums. It houses a vast collection of world art and artefacts from different ages, mostly found by the British explorers, and exhibits many unique and ancient collected items from different countries, which significantly describes the success of the British empire in various ages. Egyptians, Greek, Roman, Chinese… immerse yourself in history and discover amazing masterpieces. Plus the museum is set in an amazing old building with a very new and impressive glass roof, a must-see!


Natural History Museum– This museum is one of the finest places to see fossils and remains of plants, rocks, animals, minerals, and rare specimens, all under one roof. The collection is undoubtedly the richest of its kind and counts with 80 million items. Some of the most fascinating extinct animals and birds, earthquake simulators, glow in the dark stones and really special items are lined up in the museum for show. The dinosaur exhibition is a must! I love this building as well, it has appeared in different movies as it is a beautiful architectural masterpiece!

National Gallery– The location of this museum in the heart of the city in Trafalgar Square makes it one of the most visited museums in London which you simply can’t miss. This is the place for the art lovers, where you can take deep breaths and gaze into the amazing paintings of the masters of creativity of the world. This museum is one of the top favourites of this London Blogger too, and tops the charts of the must visit spots in London. Van Gogh, Cézanne, Rubens, Da Vinci, Boticelli… let their paintings surround you and take you to different ages and places worldwide!

There are many more important museums in the city worth exploring: Victoria & Albert Museum, Science Museum, Tate Britain, Tate Modern… you must find out time to take a tour in them, you won’t regret it!

6 thoughts on “Exploring The Magical Museums of London

  1. Thanks for the great article. I would love to see London. Our genealogy shows that we are primarily from England, even though our ancestors came to America before it was America. Maybe some day I’ll see these sites.


    1. Hello Kathy, thanks for your comment! London is a great city, it has so many things to see and do… I highly recommend you to visit if you can! Plus it would be nice for you to discover the land of your ancestors, England has so many beautiful places to visit!


  2. Ooooh! The Victoria and Albert museum sounds interesting (I recently got into the drama) as well as the Natural History Museum. I hope to go to London sometime so I can check these out!


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