Health tip: Going Nuts about Nuts!

Nuts are a fruit indeed but they are not sweet like other fruits, instead they are known for having lots of health benefits. If you are worried about the fat or the calories in nuts then keep reading! There are a lot more nutrition content stored in nuts than fat, which you can benefit from with regular intake of them. No doubt nuts are scrumptious; take for example cashew nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, chestnuts, Brazil nuts etc, they are some of the healthiest nuts as well. But beyond its taste, nuts have a lot to offer you.

If you are obsessed with the thought of high fat content of nuts, then please pay attention as you go through this article. You will understand how much is worth to have a  handful of nuts every day as a snack or in your meals. This London blogger simply loves having a few almonds every day in my breakfast and I will tell you exactly why.

Health Benefits of Nuts

  • Nuts are rich sources of fibre, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and a lot anti oxidant compounds which help strengthen your metabolism and immune system.
  • It’s common nowadays with our hectic lives to feel like you run out of energy. You can check out several online sources, journals and blogs for tips to keep up with your energy levels and work efficiency, but did you know that a few nuts everyday can do the magic? They can boost your energy.
  • The mono-saturated fatty acids of nuts encourage the buildup of good cholesterol and potentially lower bad cholesterol.
  • These nuts are packed with Omega 3 fatty acid which has anti inflammatory properties. These altogether help control the blood pressure as well as helping your immune system to fight against different types of cancer.
  • You might know someone amongst your friends, family or acquaintances suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or even depression. Help them out informing them that having nuts can help them to fight back these diseases.
  • Amongst many other essential health benefits of nuts one vital property is the capacity to prevent coronary artery disease and even chances of strokes.
  • Nuts are also a rich trove of vitamin E, known for enhancing and maintaining the vitality and health of the skin.
  • They also contain Arginine, which helps to enhance the elasticity of arteries preventing them from hardening, and thus minimise scopes of strokes or heart diseases.

As you can see nuts are really healthy and packed with benefits for your well being. Try them in salads, on your yogurt or porridge, with meats and even desserts! But if you are not sure about mixing them with other foods having a handful of them is the healthiest snack you can have.

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