Ten Days Six Nights Exhibition At The Tate Modern

You must have seen artists perform in various ways, and admired art works in the form of sculptures, paintings and handicrafts. But this exhibition is going to be special and different, really something unique which you will be able to experience at the amazing Tate Modern. This London Blogger is bringing you one of the most sensational art exhibitions so far this year. Whether you live in the city or if you are just visiting London sometime from late March to early April you will be able to enjoy this art exhibition that the Tate Modern will held between the 24th March to 2nd April.

What is the Ten Days Six Nights exhibition at the Tate Modern?

Fujiko Nakaya is the Japanese artist who is exhibiting at the Tate Modern. He is going to create a cloud of artificial mist that will surround the whole facade of the Tate Modern by the riverside. This cloud of fog will last for only ten days and six nights so make sure you don’t miss out!

The amazing art display by this Japanese genius will keep you mesmerised, and will be accompanied by live performances, various interesting activities, and people roaming around in disbelief in the misty fog everywhere around the place. This will be a strange and yet real art live, which you can witness only in London during this last week of March. Find out how bewildering art can be!

Get surrounded by the fog

Come down to the Tate and find yourself entering a world of mystic darkness through the translucence of the fog. You may want to carry a torch with you to experience how this artificial mist can change a landscape and the nature surrounding you.

This is not the first time Fujiko Nakaya is doing something like this. Earlier in the 1970 she created an artificial fog cloud in Tokyo. And thereafter she did it once again in the IBT festival where she covered the Bristol Bridge in fog. The artist continued to explore this art, and now she is one of the masters of it.

London is always charming and magical, but this March it’s going to be extra foggy and extra misty for you. Uncover the mystic Tate Modern and find out a sight of London you have never seen before!


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