Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in London!

Whether you’re a Londoner or you’re are planning a trip to London during the month of March you must not miss the party, fun and bash on the streets of the city for St. Patrick’s Day. This is a must-witness event, not just for the many colours, faces, and things going on in every street and square, but also for the charm and cheer of the day. People parade, dance, sing and do crazy stuff to celebrate this day every year on the 17th of March. This London Blogger is a fan of the celebrations of this day, which this year spread from the 16th to the 18th of March and which centre is Trafalgar Square.

What is Saint Patrick’s Day all about?

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in London just like it was originally celebrated in Ireland. This is an Irish festival which is held on the anniversary of the death of Saint Patrick, who was a preacher of Christianity that went to Ireland to spread the word of God.

This day is celebrated in London with the same pomp and show as in Ireland, and people simply go crazy with the fun and happiness of the event. It’s time for friends and families to come down to the streets and match their feet with the Irish dancers, the music bands, and with the feast of fun and frolic. Kids and adults can all take part in the fun of the day as the festive mood roars through the streets of London. Film festivals, Irish art exhibitions, and street foods, all lure the festival participants and watchers through the day.

The St. Patrick’s Day London Parade is a fun march that starts in Piccadilly and continues all the way to Trafalgar Square. There on Trafalgar Square the main stage is formed where music and dance performances put on the greatest Irish show. For the foodies there are lovely food stalls, tea tents and more lined up all around Trafalgar Square. All of London just waits for this day every year to enjoy and have fun, and I have never missed the celebration till the date, as this is one of my favourite festivals here!

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