Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens

Orchids are beautiful creations of nature! Whether you see them in a shop, in a forest, in a garden, in a show or festival, worn as floral jewellery… They always look special and noticeable, I love how they keep on spreading their charm through their beautiful colours and stylish petals. Because of this it’s a celebration to visit an orchid festival. I found the London Orchid Show 2018 a really colourful and jaw-opening event which brightened up my mood (and will brighten yours too!). All visitors had similar reactions taking pictures and admiring this unmistakable flower, that’s why I have been recommending everyone a visit to the awesome orchid show.

My discovery of the beauty of orchids

I’ve never been a drooling fan of orchids. Well, sometimes I passed by flower shops and just glanced at some of the bouquets made of orchids. I thought of how different and vibrantly colourful they looked compared to other common flowers. But that was it, this London blogger never took any more interest than that. When I was taken to the Orchid Festival Kew Gardens by a friend, I discovered a whole new world of beauty which only the carefully cultivated and beautifully grown orchids could create. This was an amazing experience, rediscovering the beauty and glamour of the colourful varieties of the plants and flowers.

If you love them, you can take them home!

The whole place, and the whole orchid palace inspired by Bang Pa-in is more than just a display. It’s a great place to get some of the hanging decorative and stunning orchids. In fact I couldn’t resist buying a couple of hanging bouquets from the show! I also have to say I found the floating handcrafted Thai Umbrellas specially interesting, they were all over the gardens giving another colourful touch to the event, and you can get them too!

The London Orchid Show 2018 is a big hit as an orchid display festival, and the response from plant and flower lovers is worth noticing. It’s already the 23rd edition of this show and fans really do wait for it to happen each year. They await to get many items from the show to decorate their home, garden and office. The Kew Gardens show is one of the biggest orchid exhibitions that is held in London every year, a must visit if you love flowers, colours and nature.

Find out more more here.


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